About our GP practice team

GPs across the country are treating millions more people than before the pandemic. With growing demand, an ageing population and more patients with complex health needs, general practice has changed dramatically in recent years to meet these changes.

By expanding the range of healthcare professionals you can now see at our two sites, we can make sure you get the right care when you need it, in addition to seeing your GP or practice nurse.

You can help us get you the right care by giving as much information as possible when you request an appointment. Our clinical team use the information you give us to choose the most suitable doctor, nurse, health professional or service to help you.

For some minor illnesses, we may recommend that you visit your local pharmacy. They can now assess and treat you without needing to see a GP first for a prescription. Visit our Prescriptions page for more information.

Here are just some of the health professionals working at The Churchill Medical Group or our nearby practices who may be able to assist you with your health concerns:

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists can help by:

• reviewing your medicines and doing medication reviews

• agreeing and making changes to your prescriptions

• advising about medicines and possible side effects.


Paramedics can help you by:

• assessing and treating certain health conditions, especially same-day urgent ones

• attending home visits

• ordering tests and interpreting results.

First Contact Practitioners

First Contact Practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy and paramedics. They are highly trained and have the knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of patient care. They can help you by:

• diagnosing and treating certain health conditions

• ordering tests and interpreting results

• prescribing medication.

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians can help you by:

• showing you how to use your medicines

• supporting clinical pharmacists to review your existing medication

• advising you on your lifestyle choices.

Social Prescribing Link Workers

We have social prescribing link workers who help both adults and children and young people by:

• supporting you to manage your health and wellbeing

• giving you time to focus on what matters to you

• helping you to access support services and activities.

Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Health and wellbeing coaches can help you by:

• providing coaching support to help you manage your condition

• working with you to identify your health and wellbeing goals

• signposting you to helpful resources and groups.

Mental Health Nurse

Our mental health nurse can help you by:

• carrying out assessments

• provide advice and support to manage your condition

• supporting you.

Care Coordinators

Care coordinators can help you by:

• preparing you for upcoming conversations about your health and care

• monitoring your needs and responding to any changes

• supporting you to understand and manage your care.