‘Evening Clinics run Monday and Wednesday 6.30pm to 8pm.

Enhanced Services

Heart Disease Prevention/Diets & Lifestyle
Diabetic Clinic
Family Planning
Mothers & Baby Vaccinations
Travel Clinic/Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Most of the above clinics are run by Practice Nurses – prior appointments necessary.

Health Checks

We offer regular Health Checks for all our patients. It is recommended to all patients aged from 15 – 75 to have Heath Checks every 12 – 18 months. Patients aged 75 & over to have Health Checks once a year.

Travel Clinic Vaccinations are open to both NHS & non NHS private patients.

Minor Injuries and Accidents

You need to attend the nearest A&E centre. No appointments will be given at the surgery for conditions requiring emergency treatments. For wounds, dressings & suture removals please make an appointment with the Nurse. Please inform the receptionist which is required so an appropriate length appointment can be made.

Make the Most of our Services

  • Read the notices posted in the surgery.
  • Make sure you know the opening times of the surgery.
  • Find out how to arrange home visits, repeat prescriptions and urgent appointments.
  • You may not always need to see a doctor; ask what services the nurse/health care assistant can provide.
  • Keep your appointment or cancel it.
  • Take a list of questions with you when you see the doctor or nurse.
  • Ask your doctor to write down anything that you do not understand the answers to.
  • Take a friend or relative with you if necessary.
  • Tell the receptionist if you need more time to speak to the doctor; she may be able to arrange this.
  • Think twice before making an appointment. Do you really need to see a doctor? Have you tried simple home remedies? Or seeing a Pharmacist?
  • Find out how your practice deals with complaints – We are all human – some mistakes do happen. Before making a complaint, talk to or arrange to see the Practice Manager to raise issues so that we can try our best to solve the matter.

Travel Vaccinations

Recommended requirements vary from country to country. Under the NHS we can administer Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid injections free of charge. These vaccinations are not recommended for all European Countries. If you are travelling anywhere please make enquiries 10 weeks prior to your travel so that we can schedule the appropriate vaccinations.

Please note there is a charge for the following vaccines:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies
  • Malaria Tablets
  • Meningitis ACW + Y

Sickness Certificates

Please note that you are entitled to write your own sickness certificate for the first six working days using SC1 form which can be obtained through your employer or from the Benefit Agency so there is no need to see your Doctor during the first week.

The Doctor will only be able to issue sick certificates from the second week only without charge, which can only be used for National Insurance sickness benefit purposes. Certification for any other purpose including meeting an employer’s request is chargeable.

Please note that the NHS does not pay Doctors for all services they provide. Services such as writing letters to employers, Council, Benefit Claim Support and Medical Reports have to be paid for by either the patient or the organisation which is requesting the report.